Mona Lisa in the Press

News and Press Releases we have appeared in

Over the last twenty years of doing business we at Mona Lisa Jewelers have had the opportunity to not only work with numerous private clients, but also, many designers and craftspeople to bring their ideas to fruition. The following publications highlight some of the items that we've created or have been involved in creating. Click on the photos to see the items.

Fashion Boston, August 2009

In the April 2009 issue Mona Lisa Jewelers features four different types of engagement rings and wedding bands. This shows our varied styles and ability to customize the stones, and metal to the clients’ preferences.


Fashion Boston, November 2009

The November 2009 issue showcases several Mona Lisa Jewelers gold rings and pendants that highlight our esthetic and custom design options. Click here to view our "Fashion Boston Loves" page.

Knives Magazine, Summer 1990

This article features an award winning dagger with emeralds set entirely by Mona Lisa Jewelers in collaboration with the knife artisan.

Blade Magazine, May 1997

In this article a dagger is set with amethysts by Mona Lisa Jewelers once again collaborating with a well known knife artisan.

Lola Magazine, August 2009

The August 2009 issue features an 18K yellow gold and diamond wedding set that’s an exclusive Mona Lisa Jewelers’ design.

Lola Magazine, September 2009

In this issue we present a fashion flower ring with multi colored sapphires and white diamonds.

Lola Magazine, October 2009

The October issue showcases an 18K yellow gold Mona Lisa Jewelers pendant set with tiger’s eye and pearls.

Lola Magazine, December 2009

In this issue of the magazine which highlights Boston’s Downtown Crossing (where we are located) we show pieces made of 18K gold accented with diamonds, and an organic style gold ring with a center emerald.